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Default Re: Interactive Adventure Writers

Yeah. If we get enough adventures going, I'm heavily inclined to move toward it having its own section.

I'll briefly overview Interactive Adventures.

Interactive Adventure narrating is fairly simple and you're open to how you want to run it.

In general, you create a character and allow people to suggest actions that this character may take. These actions will range from the serious to the silly. As narrator, you have the option of choosing none, some, or all of these suggestions and implementing them in the adventure. You choose whichever actions will best go along with the adventure in terms of the story, genre, and mood.

The story can have an overarching plot that you're guiding the members along or it can be completely freeform. It can range from horror to science fiction to fantasy to real life to anything in terms of genre. You can even have multiple main characters and simply switch viewpoints from time to time.

I've also seen adventures in which it was updated through art rather than writing. The narrator would put up a single panel showing the character and setting. Then the narrator would draw another panel based on one or two suggestions by members, sort of like an Interactive Adventure Comic. Since I'm not artist, I've decided to stick with words for the adventure I'm running.

That's the basics of Interactive Adventures.
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