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Default Re: Pokewalker help?

Originally Posted by Teo View Post
In my experience it's best you select a Pokemon that suits the route.

Like walking with a Pokemon who is of the Fighting Type on Winners Path. It betters your chances of obtaining the better Pokemon on that route. I also know that from the moment you send your Pokemon to the Poke Walker you're put into one of 3 Groups, A, B, and C.
A are the most common Pokemon. B is the decent ones while C are the rare ones. It's also best to try looking for Pokemon when you have roughly 5k plus it steps taken.

I know I'm missing something about the Grass when using the Poke Radar. I just know the more exclamation points when clicking on the grass the better.
It's not exactly you are put into ONE group but rather that ONE pokemon is chosen from each group. Since there are 2 pokemon in each Group A, B, & C one from each group is randomly chosen whenever you first send your pokemon into the PokeWalker. At 0 steps you can run into the most common Group C pokemon whichever one is chosen. Depending on the route after so many steps it becomes easier to run into Group B pokemon and after gathering a large amount of steps you can run into Group C pokemon. Also, I'm not exactly sure about if it's a pokemon best suited for the route but I've heard if you send the pokemon you're looking for such as Sending a Pikachu into Yellow Forest or a Munchlax into Winner's Path it halves the step amount required to run into them. That's all I can remember off the top of my head. Oh and the exclamation points on the bushes. 1 exclamation point means it's a pokemon from Group C. 2 exclamation points means it's a Group B pokemon. And 3 exclamation points means it's a Group A pokemon. So you'll pretty much always want 3 exclamation points if you're trying the rarest pokemon from the route.
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