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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

OOC: Male please~

IC: Upon opening my eyes, I saw that the trunk had been opened wide- there was plenty of room for Chainy and I to get out, as well as Durant. The Follow Me attack had obviously worked- Durant scurried out the hole, its metallic legs clacking on the wood as it went after Togekiss. As it stepped into the light, I could see it much more clearly. Its body was split into three parts, like most other insects.

Its abdomen was bulb-shaped, and looked almost like a spider's abdomen. It had a metallic sheen that wasn't blinding, but still made me squint a little bit. Its thorax was smaller and more spherical, but sprouting from the bottom of the thorax were six long, black legs. It was amazing how such skinny legs could hold such a creature up- it looked to weigh at least a hundred pounds, if not more. Its head was the part of its body that was the most intimidating. The main part of the head was perfectly spherical. It had menacing crimson eyes that glared at Togekiss. Springing from the top of its head were two antenna, each silver with a ball on the end. They looked like silver dandelions. But then there were its pincers. They were huge- about the width of its body. It opened them up, and I could see how sharp they were- I definitely wanted to keep Togekiss away from them at all costs.

Durant let out a cry, and from its opened jaws, a silver beam pierced the air, headed straight for Togekiss. The attack shot through the air, hitting Togekiss in her back. I recognized the attack as a Flash Cannon- it wouldn't do much to Togekiss, considering that it was not very effective in the first place, and that Durant had pretty abyssal Special Attack. Togekiss let out a small cry of pain, but stayed in flight. I slowly stepped out of the hollow, stepping to the side so that I wouldn't attract Durant's attention. We were pretty close to the path-- a few yards at most. The forest here wasn't very thick with vegetation. There were some fallen leaves on the ground, but for the most part, the ground was clear. Tall pine trees reached to the sky, casting long dark shadows in some places, and letting the sun illuminate the floor in others.

"Alright Togekiss," I called up to the dove who was circling above us. Durant watched her intently, anticipating her next move. "Let's use Yawn to put Durant to sleep. You're going to have to get close to execute the move though, so be careful!" I ordered. Togekiss nodded, and swooped down closer to the ground. Leaves and dirt swirled up around her as she slowed down near the ground. I saw her take in a big huff of air, then she began to move towards Durant, exhaling as she got about five feet away from the steel ant.

"Mwaaawr," Togekiss yawned. I could very faintly see the outline of what looked like a smoke cloud moving towards Durant. I yawned too- yawning really was contagious!
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