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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

The hail began to fall faster now they were as big as baseballs. Sleet, snow, rain, wind, hail and even thunder and lightning clashed against each other not only destroying nature... life itself... "It's insane over here! It looks like the thunder is taking mutiny though.. it can't hurt us. Marco looked back and saw poor Jack on his knees. Blood was rushing down from his forehead with ice and rain mixed in. Then, he droped to the ground not even moving. "JAAACCKKK!!!" Marco screamed. But his cries were in vein... no one could hear him call for help. He ran and ran as fast as he could trying to dodge the falling rain and hailstones inches away from killing him. A pink and white bubble appeared and Marco ran even harder knowing that it was the pokemon center. Once he got inside the pokemon center he could ask for a hard hat and a rain coat. Once he got in the pokemon center it was filled with people. Pokemon lashing at they're trainers commotion about what was going on. Marco sped twoards the front desk of nurse Joy pushing away other people at all cost. He reached the office. "Nurse Joy I need a hard hat and a pokemon that is fast!" "Why would you need that?" the beautiful nurse asked softly. "My friend is injured and is lying in a puddle of blood!" "OH NO!" screamed the Nurse. She screamed so loud even with the commotion all around the center it could be heard. She ran into a door and a minute later a scyther and Blissey poped out with the nurse. "Scyther scan the park for the boy and Blissey feed him your egg when he gets here!" Scyther dashed away quickly. Soon, Scyther returned with a boy with a mishapen head and blood dripping all over from him. Blissey ran twoards Scyther holding a chunk of it's egg in it's hand. It shoved the piece of egg down his throat. "Blissey!" it cried. *He'll be alright* A chansey came with a strecher and Scyther put him down. Chansey dove into the human emegency room. "I hope he's alright..." thought Marco.
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