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Default Re: Pokemon Devastation Mewtwo Return RP open sign open

ok here they are i am reposting the other ones as well because i have made slight changed to them

Name: Black
Species: Charizard
Moves: Flame Burst, Flare Blitz, Solar beam, and Dragon tail.
Personality: he is not very talkative. he only talks when there is something very crucial to say. his trainer Black was killed by mewtwo at the start of the war. because of that he has devoted his life to stopping mewtwo
Description:he wears a red and black shoulder pad that belonged to his trainer before he died
Other: he is black and white (shiny)

Name: pyro
Species: Blazakin
Moves: Fire punch, Brave bird, flamethrower, and Sky uppercut
Personality: She is the sister of Aqua. her parents died when the Hammer region was beging built. She and Aqua had been caught by the trainer May (not the one from the anime) but neither one knew it was the other one
Description: She has a mistic water around her neck that Aqua made for her Before he "Died"
Other: no that is all

Name: Drake
Species: buterfree
Moves: silver wing, fly, bug bite, and air cutter.
Personality: he is always getting in the way and getting into trouble. he can never tell a lie or a secret it is in his family's genes if they do hey will combust just like a koffing. also he is native to the hammer region. he was found by Aqua when he was almost dead when he was a caterpe.
Description: he was trusted to keep some of Aqua's feathers on his wings for him.
Other: he and Aqua are/best friends

Name: aqua
Species: blastoise.
Moves: hydro pump,surf,dive,dig.
Personality: he does not care for humans, because of when he was a squirtle the rest of his family was killed because of humans tearing down his home for the hammer region. Him and his sister named pyro managed to survive the destruction but have not seen each other since then. he was also adopted by a family of blazakin's. he was caught later by a girl named May later on in life
Other: he has old blazakin feathers attached to his canons and he also has a blaziken red bandana attached to his right arm. and has a pice of CHARCOLE that his sister made for him before she "Died".
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