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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

The inside of the tree was a sharp contrast to the forest we had just come from. It was extremely dark, the only light source coming from Togekiss's ball of light that hung above our heads. There were small fungus glowing around the circumference of the trunk, but their glow was not noticeable- they seemed more like a trick of the eye than living fungi. Looking around, I could see sharp branches jutting inside of the tree- battling in here would not be fun. Ahead of us, I could hear a click-clack knows of claws on the wood, and I saw a couple small orange bugs scurry into the light. They looked almost like crabs- except for the fact that there were bulbous red mushrooms sprouting from their backs. The small Paras skittered to a stop about three yards away, took one look at the source of the light, then turned around and shot off back down to the end of the tunnel. "Huh, guess I can't offer you one of them," my ranger said jokingly, "they ran away too fast."

I opened my mouth to reply, but all of a sudden, the noise coming from the Poke Player became a hundred times more intense- I looked down at it, wondering if it was malfunctioning, but something else caught my eye. Blocking the exit to the hollow, I could see the silhouette of a large Pokemon. It snapped its pincers menacingly, and my heart skipped a beat- a Durant! I couldn't see its features too well, but I sensed that it was unhappy- it had probably heard the noise we made when my ranger kicked in the tree, and come to investigate. "Well, there's your Durant," my ranger said nervously. Was he scared? I didn't blame him, the Durant was a pretty scary creature. "I'd advise battling it outside, but then again to get out we'll have to make a run for the hole at the top of the hollow. Your call."

Durant snapped its pincers again, and I knew right away that I did not want to battle inside. "Okay, let's get out of here. Togekiss, use Follow Me- we want Durant to follow us. Then use Extremespeed to break the side of the tree trunk and get out of here!" I exclaimed. After seeing the Paras turn and run, I didn't want to chance such a thing happening again with a rare Pokemon such as Durant. Togekiss nodded, and turned back to the enormous metallic ant. She wiggled her body a little bit, then gave an exaggerated wink to Durant. Although I couldn't see Durant's expression directly, I knew what would have happened- it would be determined to land an attack on Togekiss. Wasting no time, Togekiss made a ninety degree turn, and began to vibrate very quickly. The faster she moved, the more momentum she would have, and the more force she could do to the tree trunk. And hopefully with enough force, she would make a big enough hole for us to walk through. And if not, Durant would probably tear a hole through the bark in order to get at Togekiss. Togekiss, breaking me from my reverie, shot forward into the tree trunk. I shut my eyes in preparation for the massive flood of light that would come through the opening.
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