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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP


We had seen camerupt and yanmega struggling to pull this torterra in me and Rhy went and helped them drag him on a health bed. "Please let this torterra rest guys he been injured in battle."

So then I turned and I heard something in the back which look to be the supply room. "Hey little Munchy I don't think you should be snooping around the base here." Then I seen his face full of berries as it seem to me as if he ate them all. Then Yanmega came and he dropped a few stuff that he had and said "hey munchy you ate all the berries. We need most of those for status problems thanks a lot I have to go out and find some more."

Then Rhy I had went and yelled "Hey guys get in here now I have important stuff to tell you now. Hey Yanmega makes some dinner please. Yo Munchy you can't be eating all of the berries like that men some are for status problems. Please ask first. Now I have a inside men working for us meet Lex the Lucario. He is stripped with dark blue and grey as a disguise. Lucario I take it you were at the meeting." "Yes Rhy I was at the meeting I think he suspects your spinarak robot as a traitor or someone else, so we must watch out and be cautious any slip up can cost us are lives and the alliance. I think we should talk about the next mission over dinner Rhy."

"Alright thanks."

OCC: Only I post as Lex the Lucario and I need some of you guys to post a little besides me and mayfan1000 I need other contributors.
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