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Default Announcement: RNG/Luck based games

The Staff of the PE2K Anime Style Battling League does not inherently oppose businesses based around Random Number Generation. We are willing to approve them, provided they show creativity, thought, and innovation in their creation. Thank you.

Additionally, there are a few ground rules to setting up a such a business, and the following must be followed while setting up such a business.
  • Pokemon can be given as prizes but the chance of winning them should be very low (not more than 3-4%)
  • Evolutions can be given as prizes but the chance of winning them should be small, not more than 10%
  • No Shiny Pokemon can be given as prizes apart from maybe as specal prizes, but with prior permission of an ASB Moderator
  • Chance of getting nothing/failure/fines/losses should be sufficiently large, about 30%
  • Price for participating must be sufficiently high, depending on the prizes offered
  • For other prizes, the owners can let their imagination run wild and think of new and creative things.

That being said, the businesses that have been disapproved at the Dragon's Den will stay that way. Instead, put on your thinking caps and place something new and creative in front of us.


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