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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

"Let go of me!" Yells Tank as a metal arm tries to grab him but meets an energy ball instead. Just then a Swarm of weird colored beedrill come shooting through the vents shooting out green needles.

"Aww great now they are using twin needle!" Tank exclaims as he rolls out of the way of them and fires out the stones in his back using a makeshift stone edge attack.Each one of the massive boulders breaks into tiny rocks piercing most of the swarm killing them.

"Im glad you aren't as weak as the other torterra's on this planet" says a voice on the intercom
"Who are you!?" Tank yells
"The owner of the flash drive you stole, give it back and you wont be ripped piece from piece" the voice yells.

Flashback over

Tank awakes in a room filled with other pokemon. "What is this place?" He askes as he stands up preparing for the worst.
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