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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

OOC: Ever heard of deleting posts, Raichu? =P


Josh sat in the pokemon center, watching the news.

"This is the strangest thing this reporter has ever seen!" The reporter shouted loudly, because he was unaudiable with the loud rain. He was reporting from Hoenn. "Rain here, Lightning storms throughout Johto, and I'm getting reports of intense heat, but snow!? We've also had reports of wild pokemon attacking trainers out of no where! This is amazing, yet horriblyterrifiing...."

The TV screen flashed and went to static.

"Looks like we've lost contact with the outside world...." Josh sighed to his Breloom.

It was still snowing outside, more heavily now then before, to the point of it actually sticking on the ground, even with all the heat. It looked to have gotten about an inch high.

"This doesn't make any sense. How can it snow with this heat? How can the snow actually stay on the ground?!" Josh questioned no one.

Jade stared out the window, up at the sky. "Bre bre..." She said quietly, so Josh couldn't hear.

Not a moment of silence, with all the trainers. People were making up rumors now, and getting calls on poke'gears, getting more rumors.

Josh sighed again," All these people...They annoy me so much."

Josh had orginally set out on a pokemon journy to be alone, and away from huge crowds. He usually got that, but not today.

It began to grow dark outside, as the clouds dencened, covering the light from the sun. It was getting late anyways, it was going to naturally get dark anyways.

"Well, I don't know whats going on, but I hope whatever it is stops, and stops soon....Maybe I should get Skyborn from the PC, incase we need to quickly escape." Josh suggested to Breloom.

They walked over, and Josh logged into his name, and requested his Pidgeot, Skyborn, to be sent to him. In a flash of electricty, a red and white sphere appeared in a tiny slot where you were able to send and receive items and pokemon. He grabbed the ball up, and placed it in his poke'belt.
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