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OK, so after much thought about what type of business I would run for a stable income, I have decided upon introducing a new shop that would sell an extremely useful product for battling.

This is my pitch.

The Battler's Shop

Welcome to the Battler's Shop, a store that sells items your Pokemon can equip during battle. Our collection of items includes type-enhancement items that you can attach to your Pokemon in order to boost it's power in battle. These items are an excellent way to give your Pokemon an edge in battle, and used right these items can turn the tide of any battle.

Item Rules:
  • You can buy as many of these items as you want to purchase.
  • In order to use the items, you must equip them to a Pokemon. A Pokemon can hold only one item at a time, but you can take the item off a Pokemon at any time EXCEPT when you are engaged in battle using that Pokemon.
  • A Pokemon holding an Item will have the item listed in it's stats.
  • Any items not attached to a Pokemon must be noted in an Inventory slot in your stat page.
  • If you trade or sell a Pokemon away with an item still attached to it, the Pokemon transfers with the item and it is no longer retrievable. This means it is a good idea to remove any items from a Pokemon you are going to sell or trade.
  • If you receive a Pokemon with an item equipped through any means, that item is now yours to keep.
  • We buy back items at half-price here at the Battler's Shop, with no exceptions. Choose wisely before you buy an item.
  • Those would do not want either Trainer to use items in their battle may note so by posting Item Clause besides the other clauses in the Vs. Seeker.

Stat Page Examples
Inventory: 1 TwistedSpoon (20% DMG, PSYCHIC), 1 SilkScarf (20% DMG, NORMAL) Species: Shiny Drillbur (Male) Ability: Sand Force Item Held: Soft Sand (+20% DMG, GROUND)
Type-Enhancing Items
These increase the power of the type's corresponding move by 20% when equipped.

NOTE: These items do NOT boost the overall power of the Pokemon, but the move. For example, a Gengar equipped with a Poison Barb will not receive a Power Bonus when using a Ghost Type move.

$25 Per Item

Black Belt [Fighting]

BlackGlasses [Dark]

Charcoal [Fire]

Dragon Fang [Dragon]

Hard Stone [Rock]

Magnet [Electric]

Metal Coat [Steel]

Miracle Seed [Grass]

Mystic Water [Water]

NeverMeltIce [Ice]

Poison Barb [Poison]

Sharp Beak [Flying]

Silk Scarf [Normal]

SilverPowder [Bug]

Soft Sand [Ground]

Spell Tag [Ghost]

TwistedSpoon [Psychic]