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Default Re: Your Adventure Begins

Avalon was shocked at the revelation that two other people had 3000P too. He looked at Anthony and Robert, and Scyez's eyes zipped briefly from Lilac to Blast, then back to Lilac.

"Isn't it wierd that three of us all have the same amount of money? That's crazy. Whatever, I'm pretty sure something in here is worth more than 3000P that we're going to need, so I was just saying if you need a little extra, I have it." Avalon said.

"I'm curious if they have Cherish Balls here." Avalon added. He had visited this one store that sold them once, but didn't have the money for it.

He scanned the items well, while Scyez continued her peircing look at Lilac...Lilac was a girl's name...Shame Robert had called a male Riolu Lilac.

(Ooc: Once Scyez realizes that Lilac is a girl, well...On second thought, she probably never will realize Lilac is a girl.)
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