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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

My ranger helped me get around the Vileplume by waving his arms to direct me. We made it through fairly easily, but soon found ourselves blocked from the path by the large uprooted tree. "Right, we can either try to go through this, or work our way through the scrub," he said, looking at the tree. "If you want to get back to the path, you'll have to figure out a way through this tree."

We could have just stayed off of the path, which could have led to rarer Pokemon. But I wasn't too worried about finding rare Pokemon, and I figured that this deep in the forest, it wouldn't make much of a difference. But what would I do? I could have Yanmega Slash the thick branches of the tree, but that would take too long... An idea sprung to my mind. I looked at my watch... "It's 11:11!" I exclaimed, looking at Togekiss, my Ranger, and his Gallade. "Togekiss, use Wish, but instead of Wishing for HP, Wish that the tree would be removed somehow!" I ordered. 11:11 was a magical time, a time when you could make a wish and it would most likely come true. Hopefully such a wish as this one would be granted, due to the combined power of Togekiss and 11:11. "Chainy, Dual, why don't we wish too? It can't hurt," I said, closing my eyes, and wishing in my mind that the tree would be removed.
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