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Originally Posted by Mewcario View Post
Well, since I haven't seen anything dealing with fossils in the new shops, I'd like to open up this:

The Mining Center

For $15, trainers will be given a rental mining kit and be allowed to venture into the mines. There, they can dig under the supervision of a safety spelunker until they find a treasure. If a fossil is found, our scientists will be able to revive the fossil into a living, breathing Pokemon in 24 hours. However, in order to prevent any health hazards from striking those who venture into the caves, you are only allowed to come into the caves twice per week.

You might find an evolution stone or other evolution item if you're lucky. If you that find an evolution stone that matches up with a Pokemon in your team, you may evolve that Pokemon and register the evolution. If the evolution item you find does not match up with any Pokemon you have, you may either keep the item for when you do get a Pokemon that needs that item to evolve, or you can sell the item to us for $20. We will then, in turn, put those items up for sale for others who might need them.

Or perhaps you might find shards or nuggets that we will pay you cash for in exchange. No matter what way the pickaxe falls, you'll never leave empty-handed!

Items that can be found while mining:

1-2 Armor Fossil
3-4 Claw Fossil
5-6 Cover Fossil
7-8 Dome Fossil
9-10 Helix Fossil
11-12 Old Amber
13-14 Plume Fossil
15-16 Root Fossil
17-18 Skull Fossil

Evolution Items:
19-20 Dawn Stone
21-22 Deep Sea Scale
23-24 Deep Sea Tooth
25-26 Dragon Scale
27-28 Dubious Disc
29-30 Dusk Stone
31-32 Electrizer
33-34 Fire Stone
35-36 King's Rock
37-38 Leaf Stone
39-40 Magmarizer
41-42 Metal Coat
43-44 Moon Stone
45-46 Oval Stone
47-48 Protector
49-50 Razor Claw
51-52 Razor Fang
53-54 Reaper Cloth
55-56 Shiny Stone
57-58 Sun Stone
59-60 Thunder Stone
61-62 Up-Grade
63-64 Water Stone

Sellable Items:
65-66 Nugget - $25
67-68 Big Nugget - $50
69-70 Pearl - $10
71-72 Big Pearl - $15
73-74 Pearl String - $30
75-76 Colored Shard - $5
77-78 Comet Shard - $20
79-80 Relic Band - $10
81-82 Relic Crown - $25
83-84 Relic Copper - $5
85-86 Relic Silver - $10
87-88 Relic Gold - $20
89-90 Relic Statue - $25
91-92 Relic Vase - $30
93-94 Star Piece - $20
95-96 Mushroom - $5
97-98 Big Mushroom - $15
99-100 Balm Mushroom - $25
Wow, I literally just said this:

Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
Yeah, this. The problem is not that we'd have a "roll dice, get prize" business, it would be having too many "roll dice, get prize" businesses. Having one isn't that big of a deal, I just disapprove of having any more than that.
Not approved.
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