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Default Re: ASB Event: The Great Hunt!

Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
Prize List
by Person

Please note that the extra prizes are for sending several links to several posts together. Post here to claim your prizes.

$3 + $3 + $3 + $3

Team Pokemon

Silver Slasher

Safari Zone Pass + Evolution Dojo Voucher + $3 + $5 + $1 + Basic/Baby Stage Shiny Pokemon - Torkoal (Randomly decided)

$3 + $5 + $2

Evolution Dojo Voucher

Vitamin Shop Voucher x3 + Adoption Centre Voucher x3 + Evolution Dojo Voucher + Safari Zone Pass x3 + $5 x12 + $3 x5 ($75 + other stuff)

However, I'll be taking off $30 from that final amount because frankly, I didn't expect to anyone to get so much, so yeah, to keep it fair, I'll be reducing your prize money. It's still a lot, so you should be happy.

So your final prize will be $45 + vouchers

Vitamin Shop Voucher + Safari Zone Pass + $5 + Adoption Centre Voucher x2 + Evolution Dojo Voucher + $3

The extra $3 is for being the first person to send me the link to the first post, despite it staring at everyone for a long time, and there being no mention of anything against sending it. You might say it was common sense, so let's say the prize is for Alliecat's "uncommon" sense :)


Vitamin Shop Voucher + Evolution Dojo Voucher + Adoption Centre Voucher + $5 + $5
Claiming my prize of $7
Now to see what I can spend it on.