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Default REFERENDUM: Signature Moves

As of current, Signature Moves deal a set amount of damage when used. This damage is not impacted by critical hits, type effectiveness, STAB, or the like - they will always deal the same amount of damage.

There is talk in the staff board of changing this so that attacks possess a Base Power, like all other attacks. This means that they will be subject to STAB, critical hits, type effectiveness, and other modifiers, both positively and negatively.

This will also regulate the amount of Energy being used per attack - BP is used to calculate Energy used (as well as EXP), this eliminating the need for detailing the Energy cost for an attack.

The staff is divided on the issue: some feel Signature Moves should not be treated like other attacks, while some feel that they are, at the end of the day, simply glorified attacks, and need to be subject to the same rules as other attacks.

Because we are divided, we have chosen to bring this issue to a public vote, where the majority vote will decide the ruling. You are free to discuss and ask questions in this thread. During the period which this poll is open, I will personally be ignoring all Signature Move requests - I suspect other Officials will follow suit.

Happy voting!
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