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Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
Okay, let's see if I can revive my own business! It should still work, non?

The Arcade

The arcade is amazing, full of fun games that beep and bloop and some that waste your money completely. You decide to join in the games and pick one of the games. But you are limited to 3 goes per day (not including free rolls given to you).

The Coin Platform Game
There are coins on a platform moving backwards and forwards. Some lie below the platform, coins moving the load of coins forwards.
It costs $5 to play this game of risk.
1-10: You will get the full lot, $20.
11-25: You get lots, but not all. $15
26-50: You get a pretty good result. $10
51-85: You get a few coins. $5
86-100: You're really unlucky and nothing happens.

The Slot Machine Game
This game is typical. You insert the money, pull a lever and the slots begin to spin. They slow to a halt and if they have 3 of the same pictures in a row, you win!
It costs $4 to play this game.
1-5: You win three in a row and get a stage 1 Pokémon of your choice.
6-15: You win three in a row and get a basic Pokémon of your choice.
16-30: You win two in a row and get a baby Pokémon of your choice.
31-50: You win one in a row of $$$s and get $5.
51-60: You get one in a row of berries and obtain a berry that makes only a baby Pokémon evolve.
61-80: You get no slots in a row, but strangely a $1 pops out.
81-100: You got nothing at all.

The Space Shooters Game
It costs $5 to play this game.
In this game you use two joysticks to direct a spaceship and press the buttons to fire at the enemy ships who are holding random Pokémon hostage! You have 3 lives and 10 stages to pass.
1-10: You actually WIN but have a loss of lives, so a baby Pokémon of your choice pops out.
11-15: You win and have never lost a life so you get a Basic Pokémon of your choice.
16-30: You get through 8 or 9 stages and get $10 for your efforts.
31-50: You only get through 5 stages and get a cheeky little message saying LOSER and $4.
51-70: You get through 2 stages and get a $1.
71-100: You get nothing.

The Memory Game
In this game, you must remember a sequence of Pokémon shown to you. It is very hard to remember after the five easy sequences, and barely anyone can get a decent prize.
It costs $5 to play this game.
1-30: You remember a lot and get $10.
31-40: You remember double the average person does and get a ticket to play a game of your choice completely free.
41-80: You remember the amount of the average person and get $3.
81-90: You get another roll.
91-100: You get nothing.

The Battle Simulation Game
This game is exclusive to the arcade. You pick a non-legendary Pokémon to use in a battle simulation (in pixels) and you fight a legendary. If you win, the prize is great, but there is so much risk.
It costs $5 to play this game.
1-10: You are successful and win $20!
11-25: You get two free rolls for any game!
26-60: You fail and get $2.
61-65: You get $5.
66-100: You fail.

The arcade is risky - will you dare it?
not approved, reasons stated.

Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
Sorry, I lost internet access yesterday.

I’ve increased the prices, removed the Exchange Store which offered cheap evolutions and Pokemon and increased the chances of failure.

I’m also bringing back the Research Lab, because it’s needed along with the Vending Machine, and a few other things.

The Vending Machine

Welcome to the PE2KASB Vending Machine, where you can win some nice and handy items easily, for a small fee. We've got a wide range of items, drinks, pokemon dolls and even some Pokemon!

Let's have a look at the rules first.

-A try at the Vending Machine costs $10.
-You may have two tries at the Vending Machine. Note that a day counts as 24 hours.
-Please register your transaction at the Bank as soon as you post.
-Once you post, a 811-sided die will be rolled (or a random number generator will be used, if I don't have access to AIM), and the roll will decide what prize you get. This will be covered up in more detail later on.
-You must keep a record of all your items which are being saved for future use in your Trainer Stats.
-Any Pokemon obtained must be registered at the Registration Headquarters.
-The prizes can be claimed whenever you wish (except Mystery Gift, see below for details), but try to collect them as soon as possible.
-Any cheating or abuse of the system will lead to bans/infractions.
-All other PE2K and ASB rules apply.

Prize List

Dice Roll

Fresh Water
Soda Pop
Moomoo Milk
Drink Pack (contains all 4 drinks)
Evolution Amulet (Single Stage Evolution)
Evolution Amulet Pair (Lowest Stage to Highest Stage Evolution or Two Single Stage Evolutions)
Standard Fossils
Rare Fossils
Class B Dolls
Class A Dolls
Regi Dolls
Special Poke Doll
Mystery Egg
Secret Key
Baby/Basic Stage Pokemon
Meowth's Attack
Two Items
Mystery Gift
All these prizes are explained in detail below.


Fresh Water - $2
Soda Pop - $2
Lemonade - $2
Moomoo Milk - $3
Drink Pack (contains all 4 drinks - Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Lemonade, Moomoo Milk) - $10

All these drinks can be exchanged for their corresponding money value but the price they offer is not really worth selling them off. Instead, they offer you some benefits at the Safari Zone.

Fresh Water – Restores your Pokemon’s Health by 5%
Soda Pop - Restores your Pokemon’s Health by 5%
Lemonade – Restores your Pokemon’s Energy by 5%
Moomoo Milk – Restores your Pokemon’s Health and Energy by 5%


We have two kinds of fossils available.

Standard Fossils

Dome Fossil (Kabuto), Helix Fossil (Omanyte), Root Fossil (Lileep), Claw Fossil (Anorith), Skull Fossil (Cranidos), Armor Fossil (Shieldon). Cover Fossil (Tirtouga), Plume Fossil (Archen)

Rare Fossils

Old Amber (Aerodactyl), Odd Keystone (Spiritomb)

After you obtain a fossil, there will be an additional roll to determine its quality.

1-60: Poor Quality Fossil
61-90: Medium Quality Fossil
91-100: Good Quality Fossil

These fossils can be revived at the Resurrection Centre (see below)


Class B Dolls ($5 each) (40)

Pichu Doll
Pikachu Doll
Marill Doll
Togepi Doll
Cyndaquil Doll
Chikorita Doll
Totodile Doll
Jigglypuff Doll
Meowth Doll
Clefairy Doll
Ditto Doll
Smoochum Doll
Treecko Doll
Torchic Doll
Mudkip Doll
Duskull Doll
Wynaut Doll
Baltoy Doll
Kecleon Doll
Azurill Doll
Skitty Doll
Swablu Doll
Gulpin Doll
Lotad Doll
Seedot Doll
Bonsly Doll
Buizel Doll
Buneary Doll
Chatot Doll
Chimchar Doll
Drifloon Doll
Glameow Doll
Happiny Doll
Mantyke Doll
Mime Jr. Doll
Minun Doll
Pachirisu Doll
Piplup Doll
Plusle Doll
Turtwig Doll
Snivy Doll
Tepig Doll
Oshawott Doll

You may either exchange the doll for money or choose to keep it with you. If you get two Dolls of the same Pokemon, you may exchange them for a Pokemon of that species (Example, if you get two Lotad Dolls, you may exchange them for a Lotad). You may also revive these Dolls at the Resurrection Centre (see below).

Class A Dolls ($7 each) (10)

Snorlax Doll
Rhydon Doll
Lapras Doll
Venusaur Doll
Charizard Doll
Blastoise Doll
Wailmer Doll
Lucario Doll
Weavile Doll
Wobuffet Doll

You may either exchange the doll for money or choose to keep it with you. If you get two Dolls of the same Pokemon, you may exchange them for a Pokemon of that species (Example, if you get two Snorlax Dolls, you may exchange them for a Snorlax). You may also revive these Dolls at the Resurrection Centre (see below).

Regi Dolls ($15 each) (3)

Regirock Doll
Regice Doll
Registeel Doll

Unfortunately, these can't be exchanged for real Regis so you only have the choice of exchanging them for money. If you collect three Regi Dolls, you can exchange them for a price of $50.

[*IMG][/IMG] Special Poke Doll ($10)
This special doll can be exchanged for $10 or for a Baby/Basic Stage Pokemon!


Nothing: Self Explanatory
Cash: You may also win cash prizes, ranging from $1 to $10, which are decided by a die roll.
Evolution Amulet: Evolves a Pokemon to its next stage. (Example, Charmander to Charmeleon) (An additional price of $3 must be paid to claim this)
Evolution Amulet Pair: Evolves a Pokemon from its lowest stage to its highest stage. (Example, Charmander to Charizard) or allows you to evolve two Pokemon to their next stage. (An additional price of $5 must be paid to claim this.)
Mystery Egg: As the name suggests, it's a Mystery. Nobody knows what's inside it. It might be an elusive Pokemon or it might be fake and nothing may come out of it. The only way to know is to get one and wait for it to hatch. A Mystery Egg takes 24 hours to hatch, after which it can be collected.
Secret Key: An item used to change the forms of Rotom.
Baby/Basic Stage Pokemon: Self explanatory (Note that Basic Stage Pokemon who have a Baby Stage cannot be captured, but their Baby Stage can be captured. For example, Electabuzz can't be captured, but Elekid can be.)
Meowth's Attack: A mischevious Meowth tends to hang around the Vending Machine at times. If you encounter this Meowth, it will scratch you from head to toe and you must pay a fee of $10 for treatment. Beware!
Aprijuice: For details, click here. You must pay an additional $20 if you get this.
Vitamins: For details, click here. You must pay an additional $50 if you get this.
Two Items: You may also win two items. If you are rolled 2 items, two 801-sided dice will be rolled, which will determine your prizes.
Mystery Gift: Another unknown prize... It might be anything, yes, anything. A fully evolved Pokemon, maybe even two, or simply a chance to evolve your Pokemon. It might even give you control over the ASB :O. However, to open your Mystery Gift, you must pay an additional fee of $10. Please keep in mind, that it might even be nothing, so it's a risk. If you choose not to open your Mystery Gift, you return with nothing. The Mystery Gift must be collected within 48 hours, after which it is lost. .

The Pokemon Research Lab

Welcome to the Pokemon Research Lab, where we spend our time researching on Pokemon.

The Resurrection Centre

Here at the Resurrection Centre, we can revive Pokemon from a liitle of their gene date or even dolls of the Pokemon, though for a price. The price varies with the quality of the remains we have.

Revivng Fossils

Standard Fossils
Poor Quality Remains - $15
Medium Quality Remains - $10
Good Quality Remains - $5

Rare Fossils
Poor Quality Remains - $20
Medium Quality Remains - $15
Good Quality Remains - $10

Reviving Dolls

Class B Dolls - $5
Class A Dolls - $10
Regi Dolls – We’re working on finding out how to revive these!

Resurrection takes 24 hours, after which you can collect your Pokemon

The Un-Evolution Chamber

Maybe you didn’t want to evolve that Bayleef into Meganium yet? Or are you not ready to handle Raichu right now, and wish you had never evolved your Pikachu? Well, not to worry, because here at the Un-Evolution Chamber, we can do a simple operation and you’ll have your beloved Pokemon. You must pay a price equal to the cost of evolving that Pokemon. For example, if you’d like to un-evolve your Charizard to Charmander, you’ll have to pay what it takes to evolve Charmander to Charmeleon and also the amount required to evolve Charmeleon to Charizard. But if you want a Charmeleon, you only need to pay the amount required to evolve Charmeleon to Charizard. Simple, isn’t it?

The Gender Changing Station

Stuck with a male Burmy though you wanted a Wormadam? Or are you simply tired of having a male Snorlax? Not to worry, because here at the Gender Changing Station, for a small price of $5, we can do a simple surgery on your Pokemon and you can have the gender of your choice. The surgery takes 24 hours, so come back after that to collect your Pokemon. Of course, we can't do anything on genderless Pokemon, so keep them away.

1-70: The process goes smoothly, and your Pokemon gets your choice of gender.
71-90: Nothing happens
91-100: Your Pokemon gets morphed into something horrible (we can't reveal what it actually is, sorry). You must pay a price of $2, and we'll restore it back to normal.

The Ability Modifier

Tired of your Pokemon's ability? Would you like to swap it for its alternate ability? Not to worry, we can easily do that, though for a price of course. For a small amount of $10, you can leave your Pokemon with us to have its ability changed. You can collect your Pokemon after 24 hours. Only Pokemon that have two alternate abilities available can be put in here.

-Please register all transactions at the Bank
-Any Pokemon obtained/unevolved, abilities/genders changed must be registered at the Registration Headquarters.
-Any cheating or abuse of the system will lead to bans/infractions.
-All other PE2K and ASB rules apply.
I definitely think the Research Lab and Vending Machine should be fused together - there seems no real reason to keep them separate. There are a few vending machines prizes with extra price tags - just apply this to all prizes, and you eliminate the need for the Research Lab.

Unless of course, the research lab only includes:
- De-evoltion
- Gender changing

which don't current exist in ASB and are cool by me. Ability changing already exists.
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