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Avid writer and voice actor here. I try to write things to the best of my abilities, always willing to hear constructive criticism and feedback.

Series in the Making

Title - Pokemon: The Labyrinth Stone
Status - Development
Rating - PG13
Stars - Unknown
Genre - Action/Adventure
Synopsis - None available at this time.
Personal Views - By far, the most unique fan fiction I will be undertaking. It will be a Pokemon-only fan fiction, meaning there will be no humans. I cannot wait to write it.

Dropped Series

Title - Pokemon: Ordo Origins
Status - Dropped
Rating - PG13
Stars - 4/5
Genre - Action/Adventure
Synopsis - Follow Ash, Red, Popurii, Laura, Misty, and Cameron as they discover the origins of the land of Ordo, as well as uncover a sinister plot in the midst.
Personal Views - My first series, and quite popular considering it has been dropped. Read this series to watch my gradual increase in quality of writing. I was planning to finish this story, but it grew too tedious and the story became somewhat unbelievable.

Title - Ender the Xenocide
Status - Dropped
Stars - 3/5
Personal Views - Was an Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, and Xenocide fan-fic, but the story did not play out right. Tried it, did not work out.

Title - Starcraft: Drop
Status - Dropped
Stars - 4/5
Personal Views - Was going to finish it, but I figure it is okay where it is, leaving you hanging.
Latest Test/Work in Production:

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