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Default Re: Your Adventure Begins

"Willing?! I'm more than happy to! The more the merrier! And I LOVE fun times!" Avalon said, more than eager to add to his traveling party. "Besides, it's stupid to go all 'lone wolf' on a Pokemon Journey, with only your Pokemon for company." He added. "It's best to stay in a group of Trainers. The last time I've heard of a case where someone went alone, I think he..." Avalon said, before realizing how depressing the mood would become if he mentioned death directly. He hated killing, himself.

"...Well, let's not talk about that, shall we? COME ON! WE'RE ALL READY, AND I'VE BEEN DYING TO START GOING!!" Avalon yelled at basically everyone in the room. "Last call! Don't come now, and I'll leave you behind!" Avalon added.

"Riiiiiiii! Riiiiiiiii! Riiiiiiiiolu! Riolu Riiii Riolu!" Scyez merrily called.

"Oh, yhea, almost forgot, this is Scyez." Avalon said, pointing to her, the loopy Riolu now doing a handstand on his beret.
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