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Default Re: Your Adventure Begins

Avalon looked at the newcomer. Avalon was starting to get very antsy, as was Scyez. Avalon wanted to go, and have some fun! It was time for fun a few minutes ago! Everyone was ready, and then he came in. He didn't hate him for it, he was just anxious to get to the awesome stuff.

"Hi hi hi! I'm Avalon! This is Jason, and...Who are you? Whatever!" Avalon said, pointing at all the people, while pointing his Pokedex at the Joltik. "The Professor is over there! Get ready! Quick! I want to go soon! Peferably very, very soon!" Avalon added, pointing towards the Professor.

"Ririririri! Riririririririri! Riiiioluuu!" Scyez yelped from atop Avalon's beret.
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