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Default Re: Signature Moves

Originally Posted by Osha-WHAT View Post
In my defence, I wrote it on 5 hours of sleep.

[Brooke] Flareon (F)
Ability: Flash Fire

Signature Move: Internal Fire
Description: All Flareon have an intense fire burning in their bodies, but few know how to control it. Brooke is one Flareon that has mastered the art of bringing out the fire inside to the surface. She will cloak the fur at the top of her head in fire. She runs up the the opponent, and lashes her fiery fur at them like a whip, coarsing all the power she has inside into them in one big attack. However, this takes its toll on Brooke and she cannot use Internal Fire for the remainder of the battle.
Type: Fire | Damage: 12% | Accuracy: 90 | Classification: Physical | Energy Cost: 9
Effects: None
Usage Gap: Once per battle. You can't use that kind of power often.

Black & White PokeDex Entry: Inhaled air is heated in the flame sac in its body to an intense fire over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Originally Posted by aeoneeveemoon View Post
MOAR RELICS. Ryan was right; this is nostalgia. At any rate, I would like my old sig moves?

[Pichen] Pichu (M)
Ability: Static
Signature Move: You've Called Down the Thunder
Description: and this Pichu is not happy with you. Whenever he is especially T.O.'ed, Pichen can use his tail as a lightningrod to draw a huge thunderstorm near. He lifts his tail skyward, his cheeks crackle and glow, and clouds gather. Though he never uses this to directly hurt the foe, the summoned storm shoots lightning from the sky for 2-5 rounds, even after the rain has wandered off. The lightning bolts strike randomly, with a 55% chance, per every round, that the foe will be struck. These bolts do 5% damage per hit, and are unaffected by type, except Ground, of course. This move also makes it rain while it is in effect. Pichen cannot use this move again because of how much electricity he uses.
Type: Electric | Damage: 5% per strike | Accuracy: 55 | Classification: Special l Energy Cost: 9
Effects: It begins to rain, and this move can hit once every round.
Usage Gap: Once per battle.

[Alnara] Riolu (F)
Ablity: Inner Focus
Signature Move: Strong Heart
Description: Alnara has, well, a strong heart. She is bold and she knows how to face up to her fears. She is a brave warrior, and her bravery can help her out at times. Whenever she is in trouble (below 50% health) she can utter a prayer to Arceus to increase the attribute she values most: her bravery. If Arceus hears her, she gains +2 on all of her attack stats. However, Arceus, being fair, also decreases her defenses by 1 point. Once Alnara uses this move, the effects stay for the rest of the battle and cannot be negated by Haze, etc. Opponents also cannot copy these changes with Snatch, Psych Up, etc. She can only do this once per battle.
Type: Fighting | Damage: -- | Accuracy: -- | Classification: Status l Energy Cost: 5
Effects: +2 to Attack and Sp attack, -1 to Def and Sp Def. These changes cannot be negated or copied.
Usage Gap: Once per battle
What Paperfairy said.

Originally Posted by Crystal Momoyia View Post

[Surge] Houndour (♂)
Ability: Flash Fire
Signature Move: Ice-Flamethrower
Description: Due to scientific experiments done onto Surge when he was just an egg, his DNA was slightly altered. Not only did the experiments leave him with unnatural cobalt blue eyes, he was also able to learn ice-type moves. Instead of learning the different type of moves, he learned how to infuse the elements of fire and ice, thus creating the Ice-Flamethrower. It is similar to the original fire-type move, but instead of hot orange flames Surge shoots out blue flames from his jaws.
Type: Fire/Ice | Damage: 10% | Accuracy: 95% | Classification: Special
Effects: The Ice-Flamethrower has a 50/50 chance of being either a fire-type move or an ice-type. If it ends up being fire-type, there is a 10% chance of slightly burning the opponent. On the flip side, there is a 10% chance of freezing the opponent if the attack's element is ice.
Usage Gap: Once every four rounds
Please add an energy value.
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