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Default Re: Your Adventure Begins

Professor Everett eyed Avalon in surprise.

"Yes. There is a vigilante trainer running around. He is trying to procure him a Snagging tool so he could become a Capture Specialist. I don't want you all getting involved. Just give that letter to Jenny and stay away from someone with a facial scar and a Spheal."

Snagging tool?! Even Scyez shut up.

"Professor, I will not look for this man unless the circumstances dictate otherwise! If I see this man by chance, however, I'll kick his shins for you!" Avalon said, saluting the professor again. Scyes copied Avalon. "On every encounter! I PROMISE!" He added.

"OK then, ENOUGH WAITING!!! I don't care if your not ready, I was never patiant! This is going to be the single best time of our lives, and dear Arceus, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!?! The grass to grow?! We are going NOW! NO BUTS, IFS, OR...Whatever that third thing was!" Avalon yelled out. "We've got Pokemon to catch, Trainers to battle against, Vigliante's shins to kick, Badges to collect, you know! Pokemon Trainer stuff!"

Avalon had waited long enough. Time to get this show on the road!
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