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Default Re: Your Adventure Begins

"Here are five Pokeballs to start your journey off on. You're going to have to buy your own from now own- or get a Capture Specialist to create you one."

Avalon promptly took the belt he was offered, and wrapped it around his torso in a diagonal kind of way. The Professor seemed to grow rather troubled after he said the stuff about a Capture Specialist, looked at the letter in Avalon's jacket, then turned to the window.

And Avalon guessed it had something to do with a Capture Specialist.

"Professor Professor Professor!" Avalon began. "What's in the letter?" Avalon asked. "Is it something about a Capture Specialist? Has this person been bad? Can I kick him if I see him? Or her?" Avalon asked in a rapid fire fasion.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Lemme guess his name...Will?" Avalon said randomly. He was thinking of one of the Legends in Sinnoh (Forgot the name), the one that ruled over Willpower, and he said what he was thinking. Sort of.

"Ri! Ri Ri! Ri Ri Ri! Riolu!" Scyez yelled, still as gleeful as ever.
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