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Default Re: Registration Headquarters

Originally Posted by Crystal Momoyia View Post
This changed a bit, but I'm glad it's back. Time to get back into the ASB.

Meowth (♀)
Ability: Pickup

[Surge] Houndour (♂)
Ability: Flash Fire

[Drakon] Axew (♂)
Ability: Mold Breaker

Originally Posted by Paperfairy
No Pokémon can have Honey Gather, Pickup, Unburden, Klutz, Pickpocket, Unnerve, Harvest or Frisk as an ability. Combee's ability is always Hustle. Gothita, Gothorita, and Gothitelle's abilities are always Shadow Tag
Just saying, regardless of 3m0d0ll's approval, that no pokemon can have the pickup ability, so meowth would have to have Technician

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