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Default ASB Off-Track Betting [Trial]

ASB Off-Track Betting

Welcome to NES2's Off-Track Betting system for the ASB! In ASB Off-Track Betting, ASB users would be allowed to "bet" on the winners of current ASB matches, in a system similar to that of horse racing. To start, a user must put $10 into any Battle match listed on the thread. They will make the decision of who they are betting on through the following listings:
  • Username
  • Win-Loss Record
  • Link to Stats Page
  • Arena/Battle Specifications Post Link
  • ASB User betting on this Battler

For the period of time before the match has officially started (This means from the time the arena poster has found an opponent in the VS. Seeker to the time a ref responds.) ASB users will bet upon which Trainer they think will best the other in battle. Users MAY retract bets BEFORE the battle starts, but once the battle begins the bets cannot be refunded. From there, the money will be pooled into a single Jackpot, 10% subtracted for the payment of myself and any employees (This total will be split at the end of the month), and the final Jackpot amount will be posted next to the match once it has started. Once the match has been decided, the winning side's Jackpot earnings will be divided amongst the winners and paid out. Employees will collect the 10% earnings AFTER the battle has ended.

Double Jackpots:
With every battle, there is a 25% chance (as determined by a Number Randomizer; Primarily that the Battle will become a Double Jackpot. In the event of a Double Jackpot, after 10% of the earnings has been taken out of the pool, the remaining amount of money in the Jackpot will be doubled and posted besides the match, along with an indicator that reads DOUBLE JACKPOT MATCH. Once the match has been decided, winnings will be divided amongst the winning users as usual.

  • A minimum of two users must be betting on a match before it starts
  • There must be a minimum of ONE user betting on any side before a match starts
  • If these requirements are not fulfilled before the posting of a match by a ref, the round of betting will be cancelled, money returned to it's respective trainers, and taken off the Current Match listings.
  • You may not bet on ANY of your own matches
  • Any cheating discovered to be occurring between users will result in a PERMANENT BAN from the ASB Off-Track Betting System. This includes getting a user to take a fall in battle, multiple accounts, and any other fraudulent activity. THIS INCLUDES EMPLOYEES.
  • Current employees(This means paid refs too) of the ASB Off-Track Betting System may not participate in ANY betting rounds
  • The ASB Off-Track Betting System reserves the right to cancel a round within reason besides not being able to fulfill standard rules; In the event of a cancellation any money placed on a match will be refunded to it's respective owner
  • If you have placed a bet on a battle that has become inactive and/or cancelled, your money will be refunded in full.
  • Battles that are won by a player forfeit or DQ will not count, and all money will be returned in full to it's owner.

Additional Notes:
Special $10 additions to total Jackpot money may occur on special holidays, and upon the first 7 days of this business's existence. If the $10 bonus and the Double Jackpot overlap, the $10 bonus will be added AFTER the Double Jackpot is calculated.

NEW: Optional Aesthetic Usage of the ASB OTBS

Since this new ASB is willing to do new things, I encourage the mention of the OTBS in ref descriptions of the battle. It's pretty cool to know someone is betting on you, and when you add a neat little description of betting chatter in the crowd around the battle or a camera rolling on the sidelines so betters can watch, it adds a bit of flavor to the battle and a level of unique detail to the descriptions. Refs willing to do this in their battles that happen to be listed on this thread can apply for payment and get the same payment as an employee at the end of the month. There's a maximum of 2 refs I'll pay for this though, so apply early.



Active- Bets can be placed on this match.

Locked- This match cannot be bet on and is currently in progress.

#/#/#- Win/Lose/Draw record

EST- Eastern Standard Time

Active Matches


Locked Matches


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