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Okay, let's see if I can revive my own business! It should still work, non?

The Arcade

The arcade is amazing, full of fun games that beep and bloop and some that waste your money completely. You decide to join in the games and pick one of the games. But you are limited to 3 goes per day (not including free rolls given to you).

The Coin Platform Game
There are coins on a platform moving backwards and forwards. Some lie below the platform, coins moving the load of coins forwards.
It costs $5 to play this game of risk.
1-10: You will get the full lot, $20.
11-25: You get lots, but not all. $15
26-50: You get a pretty good result. $10
51-85: You get a few coins. $5
86-100: You're really unlucky and nothing happens.

The Slot Machine Game
This game is typical. You insert the money, pull a lever and the slots begin to spin. They slow to a halt and if they have 3 of the same pictures in a row, you win!
It costs $4 to play this game.
1-5: You win three in a row and get a stage 1 Pokémon of your choice.
6-15: You win three in a row and get a basic Pokémon of your choice.
16-30: You win two in a row and get a baby Pokémon of your choice.
31-50: You win one in a row of $$$s and get $5.
51-60: You get one in a row of berries and obtain a berry that makes only a baby Pokémon evolve.
61-80: You get no slots in a row, but strangely a $1 pops out.
81-100: You got nothing at all.

The Space Shooters Game
It costs $5 to play this game.
In this game you use two joysticks to direct a spaceship and press the buttons to fire at the enemy ships who are holding random Pokémon hostage! You have 3 lives and 10 stages to pass.
1-10: You actually WIN but have a loss of lives, so a baby Pokémon of your choice pops out.
11-15: You win and have never lost a life so you get a Basic Pokémon of your choice.
16-30: You get through 8 or 9 stages and get $10 for your efforts.
31-50: You only get through 5 stages and get a cheeky little message saying LOSER and $4.
51-70: You get through 2 stages and get a $1.
71-100: You get nothing.

The Memory Game
In this game, you must remember a sequence of Pokémon shown to you. It is very hard to remember after the five easy sequences, and barely anyone can get a decent prize.
It costs $5 to play this game.
1-30: You remember a lot and get $10.
31-40: You remember double the average person does and get a ticket to play a game of your choice completely free.
41-80: You remember the amount of the average person and get $3.
81-90: You get another roll.
91-100: You get nothing.

The Battle Simulation Game
This game is exclusive to the arcade. You pick a non-legendary Pokémon to use in a battle simulation (in pixels) and you fight a legendary. If you win, the prize is great, but there is so much risk.
It costs $5 to play this game.
1-10: You are successful and win $20!
11-25: You get two free rolls for any game!
26-60: You fail and get $2.
61-65: You get $5.
66-100: You fail.

The arcade is risky - will you dare it?