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Default Re: Will They Show It? (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by gmandiddy View Post
This episode has been planned for some time now, and maybe in future episodes they might look back on this episode. I believe that Team Rocket and Team Plasma are going to see each other again later in the Anime. The Whishcash episode was I think a filler episode.

However what I will be interested to know, is how the get from flying in a helicopter and then coming back for the battle? I think the whole plan is now under editing, and probably see a random trainer come in after the battle (As this battle is where he was to receive the Badge) and report about the Desert.

This will be an interesting episode to watch, however I am very excited to watch this battle, looks to be a good one :D
To tell the truth I think that the gym episode will just be shown how it was originally planned. It be as if the two episodes happen. This was a sudden change so I don't think there would have been enough time to change the original storyline for that particular episode and rerecord lines.

I want them to show it and they will have too. Still I can't help to think of the whole Japanese mindset of 'We never say no so instead we just say that we will work on it'.
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