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Default Re: will dawn and brock come back

OH. GOD. NO. *holds cross for protection*

May, Dawn, and Brock are Pokémon's worst nightmares. "Oh, not to worry!" "IT'S TELEPATHY." If ANY of those three come back, oh God let it be like Lyra or May in Sinnoh, because I'll be giving up the new series, otherwise. May was too much of a pacifist/noob, Dawn was super annoying and super sexist, and Brock (as of Hoenn) was extremely obvious. I actually liked Lyra and wanted her to stay. BUT NO. Pokémon HAD to get rid of her. >____>"

I really like Iris though. She's a great replacement for Dawn and May. Of course, Misty is the best, but Iris and Lyra are great alternatives. ^____^

But as for Dawn and Brock, let them die already. @___@

~Professor Geoffrey
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