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Originally Posted by MuddyMudkip View Post
Is it possible that I can bring this back? With, maybe, some tweaks?
Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
this is the only instance where I'm going to approve a "roll dice for a chance at prize" business.
So yeah, no.

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
Oh hai thar ASB staff. I've been patient for a while now, but only one comment has been made for the approval of the ASB Off-Track Betting System.

Seeing as I have a constant and growing urge to make tons of money in a short amount of time to make up for lost wealth, I would appreciate someone looking at it and making the verdict.
As 3m0 said, be more patient. We've discussed it a bit in the background, but it's not something we can just approve willy-nilly.
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