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Default Re: Your Adventure Begins


Avalon got up so fast he swore he broke the sound barrier. He saw the Pokedex and the ID wallet, and snatched them as fast as lightning.

He looked arouned. Three-no, four others. One had a Lilipup, and it was noisy. Noisy little Lilipup. The second was on a chair, with the ID wallet and Pokedex on his lap, along with a Squirtle in his hand. The third had a very entergetic Golett by his side...But he knew it, by a confused look in his eye-He didn't have an Identification Sheet. The Fourth, and the one passing out the stuff, was-

"Professor professor professor professor!" Avalon said, rushing up to him. "I am so ready for anything! Give me a task, I'll complete it! Unless it involves studying, I never liked that..." Avalon added.

"Riolu Riolu Riolu Riolu! Ri ri ri Riolu Rio Riolu Ri! Rio Ri Ri Riol, Rio Riolu Ri Ri!" Scyez excitedly barked.

"...Oh, forgot, I'm Avalon, and this is Scyez! S-c-y-e-z, that's how it's spelled! I'M SURE OF IT!!" Avalon added on, for the sake of a proper introduction.
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