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Default The Pokemon Society 5th Gen OU Tournament, Finished ! Congrats Void !

Black and White came out the DS finally! but why does that matter to us online battlers ? Weve had access to the new Pokemon to test their movesets, their strengths and their weaknesses for over a month now. Half of us dont even know the American names of the Pokemon because weve spent so much time around the original names. Some of you may even dare to ask why there hasnt been an official Black and White PO tourney yet! Well put your minds at ease it is finally time for that tourny !

Anybody and everybody who is currently playing Pokemon Online is encouraged to join! PO tournaments are both fun and fast. This tourney is going to take place on The Pokemon Society Server. This will tourny will be fun and give you a chance to check out PE2Ks official PO home.

General Rules:
Be courteous to your fellow members and participants!
Follow the Forums rules
Remember, it's just for fun!

Battle Rules:
5th gen OU , No Dream World Teams.
You have to use mostly 5th gen Pokemon, you can use a max of two 4th gen Pokemon.
Singles 6v6
Inconsistent/Moody Clause
SwiftSwim/Rain Dance
Species Clause
Self-KO Clause
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
Evasion Clause
OHKO Clause
Hax Item Clause brightpowder, quick claw, etc
No Ubers, Smogon has released the list of Ubers which I will post when I get home.

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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