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Default Re: Signature Moves

Originally Posted by Osha-WHAT View Post

[Brooke] Flareon (F)
Ability: Flash Fire

Signature Move: Internal Fire
Description: All Flareon have an intense fire burning in their bodies, but few know how to control it. Brooke is one Flareon that has mastered the art of bringing out the fire inside to the surface. She will cloak the fur at the top of her head in fire. She runs up the the opponent, and lashes her fiery fur at them like a whip, coarsing all the power she has inside into them in one big attack. However, this takes its toll on Brooke and she cannot use Internal Fire for the remainder of the battle.
Type: Fire | Damage: 16% | Accuracy: 90 | Classification: Physical | Energy Cost: 9
Effects: None
Usage Gap: Once per battle. You can't use that kind of power often.

Black & White PokeDex Entry: Inhaled air is heated in the flame sac in its body to an intense fire over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Too powerful, imo. Have Brooke's Acc. or Def. or another stat drop buy a stage er two, but if you don't want her stats to go down, make it so that it does around 12/11% instead of a whopping 16%, then we'll see. Not Approved.
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