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Default Will They Show It? (SPOILERS)

Please note that the information below could be consider spoilers for those who just follow the American dub of Pokemon Black and White.

So due to the events that had happen in Japan during the past week, the much anticipated Team Rocket vs Team Plasma episode has been currently removed from the schedule. They say that the episodes will be shown at a later time. Instead they will show the episode featuring Ash's battle against Arti.

The reason why I am asking if they will show the Rocket vs Plasma episode is because this isn't the first time they have 'postpone' an episode of Pokemon due to an incident that has affected the people of Japan. They have stopped an episode from air being out of respect for the people affected before. During the Advance saga, an episode featuring Whiscash was pulled from air because of an earthquake that happen a week before. The reason why the Rocket vs Plasma episode could have been pulled was because as seen in the previews is that it features a bit of destruction of Castelia City which I guess they are afraid will remind people of the current earthquakes.

So thoughts?
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