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Default Re: Dragon's Den

Alright, I'm posting according to businesses and not usernames.

Type Changer

Nope, sorry. That'll mess up the game mechanics too much. Not approved.

Stock Market

Khajmer covered it. Not approved. Trust me, you're not going to enjoy it personally either, it's too much work and too little reward for you as well, apart from being really harmful for the economy.

Trivia Centre

I'm against Paperfairy on this one. Well, not with the prices, they should definitely be raised a bit. But yeah, people should be rewarded if they spend time hunting for answers. Just raise the prices a bit, and you'll be good to go. Pending

Khajmer, Paperfairy, what do you say about the Move Tutor?

Also, would you guys be willing to allow the Vending Machine? Obviously, it will be heavily modified, with larger prices and reduced chances of getting good stuff, more chances of failure and less of evolutions and free Pokemon, but I'd like to keep the basic concept. A few RNG games don't hurt really.