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The Pokémon Trivia Centre

A bright and garishly coloured hall is what greets you as you walk in through the double doors. It kind of looks like a converted school gym or warehouse, half-filled with makeshift tables and chairs, with bored-looking people with countless trivia books. The other half, however, was where the real surprise greeted you; countless scientists walk amongst complicated and expensive looking machines. The combination is an eyesore in itself, and anyway, your focus needs to lie on the quiz masters, for those are who you will have to talk to to win your prize.

The basic premise of this business is pay some money and get sent some questions via Private Message. You answer all the questions correctly, you get whatever you wanted from the category you chose. Sound easy? Think again; these questions aren't easy.

Capture Game

Basic-Stage Pokémon
- $10
Answer 5 questions correctly to receive a Basic-Stage Pokémon of your choice.

Stage One/Non-Evolving Pokémon - $15
Answer 7 questions correctly to receive a Stage One or non-evolving Pokémon of your choice.

Stage Two Pokémon - $20
Answer 10 questions correctly to receive a Stage Two Pokémon of your choice.

Wildcard Pokémon - $15

Answer 10 questions to receive a randomly generated Pokémon.

Evolution Game

Basic to Stage One - $7
Answer 5 questions correctly to evolve one of your Basic-Stage Pokémon.

Stage One to Stage Two - $15

Answer 10 questions correctly to evolve one of your Stage One Pokémon.


- All PE2KASBL rules apply; i.e. post in the bank after posting here.
- You must answer the questions you receive from aeoneeveemoon via PM only.
- Do not advertise the answers you get, or you will be banned from this business.
- If and only when you answer your questions correctly and receive the go-ahead from aeoneeveemoon may you register your Pokémon.
- If you get any questions wrong, you have one more try to get the answers right. Get them wrong again, and you walk away with nothing.
- You may use whatever resource you like to answer your questions, just don't ask other members. If found out, this may result in both of you being banned from the business.
- This is less of a rule than a heads-up, but all of the questions will be Pokemon-oriented.

Enjoy your time here. We hope to see you again, real soon!
Well, I found this fossil in the closed threads whilst Pokedoll hunting (NYURGHHH) and since Mount Pyre can't come back, I figure that I can carry on the mantle with this. It's all flexible and if I need to change the description because it's essentially plagiarism I will.
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