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Default Re: Adding Pokemon to Shoddy?

Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
It's just a question. It's not like I'm planning on actually using it for battling, just to see if it's possible. >_>;

Anyways, is it possible to add new Pokemon (new as in completely seperate, custom, NON-EDITED Pokemon. >_> ) to Shoddy? I saw this forum post relating to changing all the java around, but...they lost me. I'm tired, and confused.

If anyone could explain to me what they actually were trying to talk about, or just how I can add new Pokemon to the program, it'd be much obliged.

And sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Iunno. >.>;
You can add pokemon to your own server, if you have one, and know about how the game is coded. Check out Smogon's Create-A-Pokemon server if it's still running, although I think they've transitioned entirely over to Pokemon Online now.