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Here goes nothin'...
Turnover River (Sell and buy)

Here at Turnover river, you can give up old, un-need items and Pokémon and have someone else buy it. We will give you half of the money for all things you sell, so don’t worry.

How to sell Pokémon
To sell Pokémon, you must state what Pokémon it is, it’s gender, ability, Signature move, and any TMs, HMs, Tutored Moves, or Breaded moves that it has. If it has a nickname, you may add that as well.

Selling items is basically just stating that you would like to sell an item, and putting the items name down.

How to buy anything
To buy things here, you must state what you would like to buy and who sold it to the Turnover River. To buy Pokémon, please state gender, ability, and Signature move. You must also show an equasion/number sentince showing the money the thing costs minus your money.

1.) We will not accept you to sell us Legendary Pokémon or anything that you don’t have.
2.) If you don’t have enough money for something, don’t buy it. Simple as that.
3.) In case you didn’t read what was above, people who sell stuff here get half of the money that the person buys it for.
4.) If you buy something you don’t want, please return it and I will give you half of what you paid for it.



Recently sold inventory
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