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Default Re: Open: Supremist Rain vs IceKyurem

Round Three


[Tsu] Snivy (F)
Health: 57%
Energy: 48%
Status: This needs to end very fast, and she knows it. SpAtt-1
Moves: Toxic~Leaf Blade

Supremist Rain

Togepi (F)
Health: 63%
Energy: 49%
Status: Ready to utterly kill. SpAtt+2
Moves: Psychic~Toxic

Tsu coughs twice, appearing for all intents and purposes to have something stuck in her throat. This, however, is false. In reality, she is pulling a thick purple goop from a sac hidden near her stomach. The poisonous sludge gathers in her mouth, pooling at the base as she hocks up more and more, before finally cocking her head back and spitting it out. Unfortunately for her, Togepi has been carefully watching this entire time, and is already tensed and ready to move. The moment Tsu lets the Toxic fly, she dives to the side, retracting into her shell and rolling several yards away. The toxic puddle lands harmlessly on the ground, killing a large patch of grass before dissipating.

Togepi pops out of her shell, using one stubby hand to halt her momentum. It's her turn to go on the offensive. She pushes herself to her feet and channels energy to her mind, tapping into the latent Psychic powers that many non-Psychic types, even some humans, possess. Her eyes glow blue as she latches the strength of her mind to Tsu's life force. The Substitute's power automatically redirects her hold to the double, but Togepi has as much of a grudge against the manikin as she does against the real deal. The Substitute's outline glows the same azure shade as Togepi's eyes, and an invisible force lifts it up into the air a good few meters, before a swift chopping motion of Togepi's hand sends it crashing into the ground. The glow fades from both Togepi's eye's and the Substitute's body, as Togepi can't actually hold the power for long, but the damage is done. Though the double is able to stand up, its body is laced with cracks, and a portion of its skull is missing, revealing the hollow interior.

Annoyed by both the state of her Substitute and her missed Toxic attack, Tsu runs forward, straight past the copy designed to protect her, and leaps into the air. Her leafy tail glows a brilliant emerald green and grows several inches longer, while thinning out at the base to form a long blade. Her body spins, and the tail strikes directly across Togepi's midsection, scoring it and leaving a long scratch. It doesn't cut all the way through though, meaning that the only additional trouble caused is the need to buff out the scratch, but the attack still hurts and sends Togepi on her backside. With a satisfied smirk on her face, Tsu returns to her former position with three increasingly high backflips.

Togepi pulls herself to her feet, glaring once more at her foe. She copies Tsu's actions from the beginning of the exchange, coughing and hacking to pull a toxic poisonous substance into her mouth. Tsu, watching this and knowing exactly what happens, just smirks even more, her eyes narrowing in a fit of absolute pure smug. Togepi grins evilly, and lets loose, sending her Toxic attack flying. It sails perfect and true, headed directly towards Tsu's face... and then hits a different Snivy. Specifically, Tsu's Substitute, who has jumped in the way. It hits the manikin between the eyes-or eye, rather, as the other one has broken off-and seeps into its body, completely useless. Togepi stamps the ground in a fit of rage uncharacteristic of its species as Tsu looks on, feeling so very superior.

End of Round


[Tsu] Snivy (F)
Health: 57%
Energy: 27%
Status: Superior. SpAtt-1, Substitute @ 3%

Supremist Rain

Togepi (F)
Health: 56%
Energy: 24%
Status: Togepi SMASH! SpAtt+2

Tsu-Toxic (rolled 94, 80 or lower for hit. Energy cost: 9)
Togepi-Psychic (rolled 4 out of 16, 1 for critical. Dealt 7 damage, substitute absorbed. Energy cost: 15)
Tsu-Leaf Blade (rolled 11 out of 16, 1-2 for critical. Dealt 7 damage. Energy cost: 12)
Togepi-Toxic (Substitute absorbed, attack failed. Energy cost: 10)
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