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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP


I was shocked at the very thought of them making a teleporter, I knew they were going to make one but this soon.

It made me fell sick of them wiping out the whole of planet Earth.

My eyes still stuck to the screen, I really just wanted to sqiwish Mewtwo right now until he was flat as a pancake, it made me fell a little happy of the thought of me doing that.

After I saw the rest of the video of Mewtwo's meeting I went to see what all the racet was from outside, a Torterra had collapside outside the hideout, and he was eating a pecha berry,"pecha berry" I completly forgot my empty stomach I sneaked back in with a grin upon my face the medical box was open on the table, it was full of juicy berries "yummy" I muttered under my breath, I looked behind it was clear.

"I'll just take one" I grabbed the oran berry and stuffed it in my mouth " two won't hurt" as I pinched the pecha berry from the box.

Five minuets later I had eaten all of the berries from within the medical box, "oh no" I've eaten the rest of their berries, I put the empty box back on the table put this time I closed it so no one knew the berries had been eaten, well for the moment.

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