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Default Re: Signature Moves

Originally Posted by Mawile_rocks View Post
[Kesh] Hreacross (M)
Ability: Guts
Sig move: Spin Flip

Description: Being a Heracross, Kesh is adept at lifting foes with his horn. He has mastered a varition on this: he runs along the ground, horn down. When Kesh hits the foe, he lifts up, sending the opponent spinning into the air. The foe is Confused from this spinning, and is slightly damaged. The downside is that this move cannot be used against enemies 199.0 lbs (54.0 kgs) in weight. Kesh is tired out by this, and his Speed and Defense is lowered.
Type: Normal | Damage: 5 | Accuracy: 95% | Classification: Physical | Energy Cost: 12%
Effects: Confuses foe, damages foe. -1 Defense, Speed on Kesh.
Usage Gap: Every two turns.
I approve.

Originally Posted by aeoneeveemoon View Post

[FreakyBalloon] Drifloon (F)
Ability: Aftermath
Signature Move: Drift and Pull
Description: We all know that Drifloon are generally freaky little critters who have a creeper streak and seem to have a general good time when kidnapping children. Well, Freaky has learned how to apply her abductory knowledge to other Pokemon. She drifts towards them, looking harmless, then wraps her two little heart-tipped strings around them. She then lifts into the air and, when the weight finally becomes too much, she'll drop them to the ground, causing injury to the Pokemon. This attack, however, leaves her very tired and lowers her speed for 3 rounds. This move cannot effect Pokemon she can't lift (over 200 lbs)
Type: Flying | Damage: For foes she can lift very high (100 lbs or below): 10% for foes she cannot lift very high (101-200 lbs): 7% | Accuracy: 90% | Classification: Physical | Energy Cost: 100 lbs or below: 10% 101 lbs-200 lbs 13%
Effects: Freaky's Speed drops by one for 3 rounds
Usage Gap: Twice per battle; 4 rounds. It tuckers the poor balloon out!
I approve.
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