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Default Re: Pokemon Dark World

Name: Kenny
Gender: Male
Region: Sinnoh
Starter Pokemon: Turtwig
City: Floaroma Town
Apperance: He has deep brown hair that comes half way up his neck, dark blue eyes and average height. He wears a minty green t-shirt with a dark green jacket which is unzipped, blue jeans,grey trainers and a cream colour messenger bag.
Personality: Is very calm but can get carried away with tasks and loses track of time easily, is very helpful and kind towards others and wouldnt turn a blind eye on hurt people/pokemon, he is very ambitous with his interests and won't listen to people telling him he is wrong in what he likes, he will stick up for what he believes in.
History: He grew up with his mother as a famous co-ordinator and his father as a famous Elite champion, and had to live with his granparents most of the time as his parents were always on the move, this made him very ambitionous watching his Mum and Dad on tv. He was more interested in what his Mum was doing, the moves were flashy and glamourous always ending with a sparkly, he always used to borrow his grandparents pokemon to see if he could do what she could do, but he never could get it to be as beautiful as his mothers was this made him practice everyday until he became a real trainer.

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