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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

Tank slowly staggers away from the devastated battleground as the poison slowly but painfully spreads through his body.His eye sight grows blurry and he starts to see shadows dance across the scorching hot desert off in the distance he can see a sandstorm and inside that sandstorm Tank spots a building being engulfed by the sand.

"Maybe I can find a supply of Pecha berries inside that place, But it doesn't look like i have much time before the sand causes that building to collapse." Tank thinks to himself as he heads for the stronghold as the poison is starting to take a greater effect on his body.

As Tank makes it into the storm, within a couple of yards way from the door Tank passes out letting out a loud wail as his head hits the ground releasing an energy ball.The energy ball smacks the side of the building causing a small hole to appear in it.
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