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Default Re: Signature Moves

Originally Posted by IceKyurem View Post
I'm not sure whether I should post it here or not, but I see a problem with my Eevee's signature move. What if Temporary Evolution was the first move used in round? What moveset would I choose from? Or would I just pick a move from each moveset?

Or maybe I should make it so that evolution happens at the end of the round, with using the move preparing for temporary evolution. What do the officals/mods think to that?

Until I get an answer, I am not going to use the move, but I am going to register it into my stats.
I would say maybe add a one move cooldown-that is, you have to wait a move after using it, like with Hyper Beam or Giga Impact in the games.

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
OK, first off, I nerfed the move to 2 rounds like you wanted. The move is more of a novelty anyways, so how long it lasts really doesn't matter.
As for those percentages, yes you would be correct. It's basically confusion in a single battle, and whatever you described in a double battle. If you can recheck the move and see if it's ready now, that would be great.

Also, two approves and one to go!
Approved by me. The main issue I had was the length of the move, which the others pointed out so I felt no need to. Since you fixed it, I can dig it.
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