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Default Anthony

So here's my character. Should be good.

Name: Anthony

Age: 18

Appearance: Anthony is an average teen. He stands around 6’ tall and weighs about 140 lbs. His hair is brown and hangs just past his shoulders. His eyes are steel grey. He wears comfortable blue jeans, a plain red t-shirt, and a black hoodie.

Intended Class: Breeder-Hatcher-Evolver

Backstory: Anthony was born in New York. Not the city of course, but a calm suburban area. He’s been around Pokemon his whole life, and wanted to start an adventure when he turned 10. However his grandmother fell ill, and his dream was put off to the side. He spent years caring for her, and watching all the other children play with their Pokemon. His grandmother saw the longing in his heart to be with a Pokemon, so she gave him an egg for his 16th birthday.

The egg hatched shortly after that, and the Pokemon inside would become his best friend. It was a Squirtle, and Anthony named him Blast. He knew what his grandmother wanted him to do, but he couldn’t just leave her. So, his dream was again forced to wait. Anthony and Blast took care of his grandmother without a complaint. Finally she had enough. She found an old book describing Pokemon eggs and the skills behind egg moves and breeding strong Pokemon. She gave this book to her grandson and told him to go.

He resisted and told her that she was his concern. She called a retirement home and reserved a room. Her bags were packed the next day, and she was on her way. Anthony knew why she did what she did: she wanted her grandson to do what her husband had done. Anthony began to actually read the book about breeding. It was a hand-written book describing possible move sets, which Pokemon could breed together, and how to hatch eggs faster. In the back was a note, not from his grandmother, but from his grandfather. It told of how he tried to breed every Pokemon possible, but was unable to finish his dream because he had fallen gravely ill. The last egg his grandfather bred was Blast.

Anthony packed his bag, and grabbed Blast’s Pokeball and set out to finish what his grandfather started, and to enjoy his time with Pokemon.

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, but becomes depressed when something goes wrong. Emotionally attached to his “Great-Big-Book-of-Breeding”.

Plans: Breed every Pokemon possible, and maybe get a few badges along the way.

Starter Pokemon: Squirtle (Blast)

Pokemon Wishlist: Blastoise (m), Blaziken (m), Grovyle (m), Drifblim (m), Umbreon (f), Absol (m)


Level: 0
EXP: 0

Ability Scores:
HP: 44
Strength: 9 [-1]
Constitution: 10 [+0]
Dexterity: 8 [-2]
Intelligence: 9 [-1]
Wisdom: 13 [+1]
Charisma: 13 [+1]




Money: 3000
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