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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP


OOC: Hey guys your post need to be at least a paragraph guys. They will close my role play for one liners. I can describe the land format to you guys we are in the desert which kinda in the certain of are land front then straight ahead is small planes then a little bit ahead of the small plains is Mewtwo's base. Then to the left of the desert is the mountain ranges where mewtwo has a couple of small bases there and to right is were the destroyed paradise is and it seems like Mewtwo is clearing it out and trying to make another factory over there. Also behind the mountains there a big lake over there. One by the destroyed paradise. Then one next to Mewtwo main base that they control.

"Alright its time to go and start the first operation."

"Is this a field mission Rhy because if it is I'm ready man."

"No its not and I got this one so don't worry just plug this wire into the wall."

"Aww man come on Rhy." So I put the wire into the wall and the tv cam on as I observed it look like camera. "Hey Rhy what are you doing with that camera Rhy what are you up tell us the details captain."

"Hey I'm gonna need you to be quiet blaze and don't call me captain we are not on a pirate ship. Now I made a small fake robot spinarak with stripes to infiltrate Mewtwo base to see what he is up to. So keep your eyes on the screen."

So the spinarak started to head towards mewtwo's base. As it was moving you seen more and more clone walking about scouting the area for other survivors so then as Rhy was controlling the spinarak he had tried to go through the front doors until. A scizor clone had went in its way. "Hey you what are suppose to be doing." "I had just come from scouting all day scizor I'm going to take a break now." "Did you find anything important." "No sorry scizor but, please let me through." "Yes please go spinarak and Mewtwo is having a important meeting right now so go there if you must and be quiet to."

"Hey guys we are in the base lets go to this big meeting session and here what mewtwo has to say." So Rhy controlled the spinarak and there walked around the whole factory they went into a room where it seemed to be where all the clones got created. "Wow this is crazy this is how the clones get made guys." "Yeah I no thats crazy," said blaze in shock.

"Hey you, spinarak this the restricted area please leave now." "Sorry I was looking for the meeting room where mewtwo is about to talk I got a little lost sorry guys, can you please tell me where the meeting room is." [/COLOR] "Hmm you go out here on your second left then go straight ahead you can't miss it." "Thank you guys." So I went in the direction that they told me to and Rhy quickly said "ahhh that was close."
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