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Default ASB Event: The Great Hunt! Claim your Prizes!

by Hitmonfighter

The Great Hunt!

Attention Everybody!

The Great Hunt is now on! So better get hunting!

The Great Hunt is now over. Please claim your prizes. (See Post #4)

Event Time!

It's been a week since the ASB was reopened, all of us have settled in nicely, so why not have an event?

Yep, that's right, I'll be hosting a reopening event sometime in the next week. Basically, it's sort of a treasure hunt, where you'll be looking for a particular object that I would have placed in several different parts of the ASB forum. All you need to do is keep digging tirelessly, nothing else. Each find will get you something or the other, and the more you find, the more you'll win.

Any one can participate, even those who've joined after this event started. The only requirement is that you must have a bank account. (If you're a new member who hasn't been approved, don't worry, keep searching and send me your entries. Your entries will be accepted and you'll be approved as soon as possible)

What to look out for

This cute little Poke-doll sprite may be present in ANY post in ANY thread that is currently visible in the entire ASB Forums. (obviously, the one in this post does not count) So, yes, this means they may be in any of the closed and old threads as well.

And yeah, don't worry yourself because of the large amount of closed old threads that have popped up. They'll be gone as soon as this event is over.

The event will be on for at least 24 hours, after which it can be extended, unless of course, all the Poke-dolls are found before that!

How to Send in your Entries

When you find the object, please send an e-mail to with the subject as ASB Great Hunt. It is essential you do this, otherwise your mail might end up in my Spam Folder. Include the link to the individual post in which the object was found in your e-mail. (You can view the individual post in a separate window by clicking on the small number at the top right of the post, next to the Report Button.) Also include your PE2K username in the e-mail. Do NOT PM me. Do NOT in any circumstances post your findings here. However, don't be in a hurry to send in your replies. If you send more of the objects you've found together, you'll get better prizes. So try and find as many as possible.

Do keep in mind that one prize can be won only once. If someone else finds one particular object before you, you won't get the prize associated with it. See the next post for a list of Poke-dolls that have already been found, so you shouldn't be sending those anymore.

The prizes will be revealed after the event is more.

Feel free to discuss and ask questions here.

Send in a nice banner (PM Iridium) for this thread by Wednesday, 16th March, and you stand a chance to earn a handy sum of $15! (Note, only one banner will be chosen)


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