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Default Re: READ FIRST: ASB Handbook

As of now, there ARE no old ref tests, simply because there is only one for this new system. I'll be happy to keep a backlog though once tested get rotated out.

As for a variety of situations, every ref test aims to hit on most, if not all of the following points:
- Stat Changes
- Special Moves (Substitute, Curse)
- Calculating Damage
- Calculating Speed
- Conditionals

Not sure if I understand what you're looking for with that next question. If you simply want to write rounds, I suppose you could look at the Ranger Test, but again, you can't take it until you pass the Ref test.

For the next few weeks, the ref tests will rotate out every week or so (the next one will most likely be posted on the 10th), but their frequency will be adjusted based on need for refs (the more we need them, the more frequent the rotation).
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