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Originally Posted by Dino View Post
I don't know how detailed you wanted this so it's a bit light. If you want more I'll add more.

EDIT: Expanded some for other officials. Might add more in the morning when I have some brain.


Yeah, people would come to the store and buys articles of something for their pokemon to where in order to help boost stats. The items could also due other sorts of things too

An example to help you out.
Trainer buys item: Boxing Gloves
The item is given to the pokemon at the begging of the battle.
Now the pokemon has extra power (amount I can't decide) on all punching moves (Ice Punch, Focus Punch, ect.).

Another example, because it seems like the best way to describe it.
Item: Trainer Hat
With it's trainers hat on, the pokemon feels more comfortable and more willing to work for the trainer.
Effect: +1 Exp.

Perhaps you could make one-use only items cheaper, and the others more expensive.
Item: Face Paint
The pokemon has the effects of poison for Two Rounds (from the paint), but the paint raises their attack.

So some rules they would have to follow.
~Items can be disabled as part of the battle.
~One item per pokemon. (Item can be exchanged after a battle)

Err... As I said a light idea, but I could expand more.

Finally going to comment on this, I'm in agreement with Paperfairy. Write up your full stock of items and present it. I think it'll be an interesting experiment in items.
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