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Originally Posted by Paperfairy View Post
One approval from me, so long as yes, the prizes are controlled by the Staff. Once you get a third approval, you should just PM us a long list of things you'd be giving away.

EDIT: Bakery gets a no from me, simply because the prices are WAAAAY to low and it seems WAAAAY to easy to get stuff. Khajmer will expand on this, I'm sure.
Of course I will, now that there's another big no.

$10 for a stat boost? You must be trippin.

That seems like a sound enough explanation to me. No? Okay then.

Basically, look at how much it costs right now to raise stats. A lot. Frankly, a hell of a lot. The way the system is right now, probably a bit too much. But still, it's a lot. And partially for the reasons it costs a lot now, and partially for rule 5, that's not going to fly.

Also I dislike RNG games like that. Lottery's fine. This, not so much.
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