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Default Re: Signature Moves

Originally Posted by Paperfairy
Hmm. Once per battle, Eevee can use one of the attacks from its evolutions. This sounds interesting, perhaps if it were a random, or it were not random, the Energy cost would be higher. Also, would Eevee's stats change as well, or just its movepool?
No. Basically, Eevee would transform into one of its evolutions. It would stay like that for the entire battle. It would forget all moves it currently knows, in exchange for the movepool of its evolution. The stats would also change, but HP and energy count would stay the same.

Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer
Hmm... no way I'm approving this if it's chosen by the owner, but by the RNG, that actually makes for an interesting wildcard attack, particularly since if you get the wrong type it can make things much worse. I'll approve the RNG controlled version.
OK, it's RNG controlled.
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